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Elizabeth Erdmann, Owner and Chief Baker

Bernice and Bernadine's Bakery is named after Elizabeth's grandmothers; two strong women at the head of their families. Elizabeth has fond memories of watching them both in their respective kitchens, creating a warm and welcoming home. Elizabeth hopes to bring your families together, whether related or chosen, over delicious, familiar desserts to share in life's most important memories.


Hi! I am Elizabeth and have been baking for as long as I can remember. It first started as a small hobby, then to supplying desserts to family and friend's events from birthdays, graduation parties, and weddings. Like many during the pandemic with some extra time, I found the Minnesota Cottage Food Producers, and was registered in 2021. I am excited to bring delicious treats to you to share with your family and friends! When not in the kitchen, I can be found working around the Twin Cities at weddings and events as an event planner.

Bernice and Bernadine's operates from my home and is registered with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture in accordance with the 28A.152 Cottage Foods Exemption to Minnesota state law.


All baked goods are homemade and are not subject to a state inspection. 

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